A freedom lifestyle is a lifestyle free from the monotony of 9 to 5 jobs. Instead, you get to start a business or a passive income generating activities that help you strike a balance between work and sustaining your lifestyle. Most of the lifestyle businesses follow your passion and enable you to have fun while making cash out of the venture. When you make the shift, you become your own boss and decide the financial direction that you are going to take.

Freedom lifestyle ventures come with several benefits. First, you are not controlled by a routine like the employed. You can organise your income generating activities in such a way that you have more time with yourself, family and friends. Moreover, most of the jobs involve working at home or just any point where you are connected to the internet. This frees you from daily commuting to and from your workplace. You are not under pressure to wear uniform or formal attire if you do not want to. Finally, it offers an opportunity to pursue other goals even as you make money, travel the world and expand your knowledge of various related issues.

There are several freedom lifestyle ventures that you can start in 2020. Here are some of them

E-commerce Opportunities

The e-commerce business sphere has several opportunities to make cash. Here are some of them

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) is an e-commerce opportunity where you sell through Amazon. You could sell products that you create or as a middleman. You first send the goods to Amazon warehouses across the world and then start to market them online to drive traffic to Amazon. When you get customers, Amazon does the whole work of offering customer service and shipping. The advantage of this type of work is that you do not handle the goods, customer complaints or logistics. It is work that you can do at home or when doing something else.


Dropshipping is similar to Amazon FBA in that you do not handle the goods you sell as a third party fulfils them. However, in drop shipping, the whole process of sourcing the products and completing the transaction is done by a third party. This third party may be the products manufacturer or a middleman such as a wholesaler. You get a percentage of the profit made by the wholesaler. Your work is to market the products with the other party doing the rest. This is a profitable opportunity that you can try at home.

Create Handmade Goods and Sell them on Etsy

Etsy is the world’s largest online store for handmade goods. You can make or outsource several handmade items using leather, beads, treads, and metal to sell them on the site. These items could be hand carvings, belts, pouches, bags or even shopping baskets or jewellery. This is an excellent opportunity if you have a passion for creating handmade items.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity where you promote goods sold by another party for a commission. There are two ways of earning a commission. You earn a commission if a website visitor follows your referral link to the sellers’ website and purchases a product or if they click the link and visit the website.

To succeed in this type of business, you need to find products that have a substantial demand and items where you can find enough information to share with your site visitors. You also need to look for merchants that offer good commission rates. You can promote goods and services without a website. However, it is recommended that you create one to increase your organic traffic to your website through ranking on search engines.

Some of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms include the following:

  • Amazon Associates, which offers a chance to promote products sold on Amazon
  • Clickbank, which is the earliest platform for affiliate opportunities. It majors on online causes and e-books
  • Shopify where you can promote themes, music and apps. You get 20 per cent of revenue that your referrals bring to the site.

There are several other affiliate opportunities from leading e-commerce sellers and manufacturers.

Freelancing Opportunities

You can use your skill or passion to take advantage of several work-at-home opportunities available online. Some of these opportunities include the following:


Ghostwriting is an opportunity that involves creating content. This content could be sales letters, blog articles, marketing articles, white papers, creative writing and guideline articles, among others. The client takes ownership of the work after making payment.

Graphic Design

You can learn graphic design and use the skill to create a logo, graphics for different websites, design t-shirts and create animations.


Today, it is easier than ever to publish a book on your topic of interest or just fiction. There are several online publishers like the Amazon Kindle that offers opportunities for you to author, publish and provide the book for sale online in a few days. You can either author the book yourself or hire a ghostwriter to write or proofread the final work for you. There are other publishers online that accept manuscripts for specific topics from writers across the world. You can check on them too.


This is an activity that involves translating video or audio files into text. This way the audience can read what the participants in the footage were saying. Some of the clients that require transcription services include courts, magazines, medical interviewers and content providers targeting those with hearing disabilities.


Captioning involves creating text for a video file so that its viewers can read what the characters are saying as the video runs. The text is usually put at the bottom of the screen. The text may be in the language that the characters are talking or in another language.


If you know more than one language to can help translate information from one language to another at a fee. Companies looking to engage audience internationally are the leading candidates for translation services.


A blog is somehow like the website where you create content on your topics of interest. When you have gained enough traffic to the site, you can monetise the blog to make cash out of your content. You can sell goods and services on your blog, allow others to place ads on your blog or include referral links to another website where you get a commission. You can get started with a free blog and upgrade as you add more content to your blog.


A vlogger is a blogger that uses videos as his form of communication rather than text. You can make money by video blogging by selling solutions and products online, adding referral links to your content or allowing organisations like YouTube to place ads in the course of the video playback through an affiliate arrangement. Vlogging is an excellent opportunity for lifestyle entrepreneurs in fields like food tourism, travel, gun testing, reviewing cars and practical training in areas like playing musical instruments.

There are tons of opportunities you can venture in to enhance your lifestyle. Consider opportunities where you have some interest, skill or passion. You do not need to have known how to do certain activities as you can learn pretty much everything online. Once you get started, try to improve your earnings to a point where you are able to maintain your lifestyle. It is also possible to pick more than one lifestyle business and still have lots of free time for any other activities.