Hey, I’m Rob and I was born in Gateshead in 1982.

I grew up on a council estate in the north east of England. 

I have always ignored the fact that my childhood was quite difficult and tried to show that I had a perfectly normal happy family life. I guess I was afraid of judgement and gave it the perspective I needed to feel ‘ok’.

Even though I was spoilt by my mother and got almost everything I wanted (that was affordable to her), there has never been that love and connection other families seem to have, and the older I got, the less inclined I felt to show any love towards my family.

I quit school at the age of 15, believing I didn’t need qualifications to get through life. There has always been a disconnection with the way society was telling me how I should live my life, and my burning desire to someday live in the sun and have my own business – something I could feel passionate about.

However, I struggled to make ends meet, and at the age of 17, I decided to join the Armed Forces. 

After only 7 months, I quit and returned back home, living with my parents, trying to find a steady job and income.
In 2001, I was given a chance at employment in the Ground Works industry (renewing Gas Mains), which I took because I needed a job, and o
ver the years I’ve worked in multiple towns across the UK, going from one company to the next (chasing money) but I’ve never become settled or happy.

However, things started to change when back in December 2010 I enjoyed a 3-week holiday travelling around Thailand. I loved the feeling of freedom and adventure and I got to meet some great people.

However, the rest-bite was short-lived, I returned home so unhappy knowing I had to go back to my unfulfilling job, and after only 2 weeks, I decided to quit my job and get a £10,000 loan to head back to Thailand to pursue the freedom lifestyle. 

This began a new chapter in my life, and loving the relaxed culture and beautiful surroundings, I felt an inner peace. I met my girlfriend pretty much as soon as I returned to Thailand and not long after, she fell pregnant, which whilst unexpected, was also a meaningful and loving stage of my life. 

However, after about five months my money was running out fast! Yet I was determined not to return to the stresses of working in the UK. So I decided to get a working holiday visa for Australia and off I went. 

I found work through agencies but struggled to find a permanent fix. I was staying in backpacker’s accommodation. I worked up to the Christmas holidays and even sadly missed my daughter being born in November.

Not long after, although I was on the verge of being sponsored to stay and work in Australia, I wanted badly to return to Thailand to spend time with my family. I decide to make the flight and it turned out, that the the first day I arrived, I was approached by a friend who was managing a Guesthouse in Thailand and he asked me if I wanted to take over his job as he was returning to Australia.

Whilst this was a hard decision to make, because of the potential work in Australia, I chose to stay with my family.
Things seemed to be working out just fine: I was drinking free alcohol most days :), but mostly, there were no feelings of depression or stress in my life. 
I spent a total of four years in Thailand, and within this time our two beautiful children were born (Connie and Lucas).

However, when my daughter Connie turned 3, this was a time I had to assess my situation living in Thailand, knowing I would have to return to the UK for my children’s future education.
So, with some regret, I returned to the UK with my daughter leaving my partner and son behind. Having no source of income or savings to support my family, it took some time to get the visa granted for my wife and son to enter the UK.

Then, only three months after returning back home, I sadly lost my Dad to Cirrhosis of the liver due to excessive alcohol consumption. I slipped straight into a negative way of emotions, thinking how cruel life can be. Since then I have been trying to understand why my dad lived that lifestyle but most importantly what caused him to choose it. 
So back to digging holes it was!  Working hard to get my family together again. The visa did get granted after about a year and our family was finally reunited.
Several months later, after getting a mortgage on a house, I chose to work in London, more than doubling my salary. The plan was to save more money to break away from my 9-5 job faster. But the truth was, I was just chasing money with no real idea of how I would achieve my life goals.

I was back feeling lost and believing I could be no more than this, when on a weekend in 2017 I was searching online for motivational videos on YouTube.  Before one of the videos played, an advert popped up that caught my attention. I listened and watched, and the words made total sense to me, and I felt inspired to sit up and take notice.

In fact, I recognised this as the inner something that I had been searching for, for a long time, but felt I didn’t have the skills or education to get involved.

The more I listened, the more excited I became. I’m a skeptical person, but the excitement about this opportunity was something I needed to explore. There was no commitment, I was just asked to watch some short videos to discover the full story. In fact, these are the same videos that I can show you now, if you like?

All I did was enter my email address and off I went! I discovered a whole new world that, regardless of my previous online experience (which was none! lol), made no difference to the potential happiness, fulfilment and financial results I could achieve.

It isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’ because, there are no such things. This involves work, but what I’ve learnt has fascinated me and opened up a whole new world. I am now surrounded with people who support me as the person I am – I never feel judged, and this amazing community enjoy helping me in any way they can.

I’m at a point in my life where I have a very realistic goal to quit my job within the next 2 years, enabling me to spend valuable time with my family and focus on my online business, whilst I help others to believe in themselves, live a life they desire and do the same.

If you’d like to see those videos, then you can. Simply click HERE and see what you think and If you have any questions at all, just let me know 🙂


– Rob Davies
fAffiliate Marketer

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